This resource is designed to provide a broad-based Lean Six Sigma Awareness certification that can be completed by students in all SHSM sectors as 'advanced training in a technique' or 'leadership skills'. 'Lean manufacturing' is an elective SHSM certification for Manufacturing and Food Processing SHM sectors. Many organizations use Lean Six Sigma management tools to improve how their organization works. This certification covers real-world terminology and concepts that all students can use in their future as leaders and managers to bring efficiency to an organization. This certification is strongly recommended for students in the following sectors: Agriculture, Business, Construction, Energy, Environment, Food Processing, Health Care, Hospitality & Tourism, Information & Communication Technology, Manufacturing, Mining, Non-Profit, and Transportation. As students progress through each module, there is a Student Workbook that they can add their thoughts and ideas to. It is clearly indicated in each module when students will need to add anything to the student workbook.

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