With the way of electric cars becoming more of a norm, transportation will be in need of various jobs within this industry. The Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network (OVIN) would like to fill these areas with Ontarians who are highly skilled to be able to help our future in the automotive and mobility sectors. By being able to introduce a connection to the automotive industry in computer technology, the hope is that we might be able to open the doors to allow students to see that they have more opportunities in their future. Using the Micro:bit will allow students to see how simple parts of a car are created and allow them the creativity to be able to engineer perhaps new ways of helping the automotive industry. This will also connect to the UNs Global Goals of sustainability. Students will connect their project to either #9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure or #11 Sustainable cities and communities. At the core the micro:bit will teach students the intricacies of basic features of an electric dashboard inside an automotive and perhaps gain an awareness of computer/ electrical engineers that are needed in the automotive and mobility sectors.

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