Kits that are designed to introduce students to STEM and the 10 broad-based technology (BBT) areas in high school. Each toolkit has a list of materials that have been designed for each BBT, which may be purchased through the listed suppliers or can be purchased locally (i.e. at the Dollar Store).

There are QR codes on each Challenge Card that will bring you to the instructions and list of materials for each of the different activities.

These cards can be downloaded and printed locally. OCTE has also partnered with Blueprint Agencies, a marketing firm in Paris ON, to offer a centralized printing service for the Challenge Cards.

The cards are durable, wipeable and can be re-used. Provided by Blueprint, the cards are:

  • 3.75” x 6”
  • Printed on 12pt gloss card stock
  • Laminated
  • Single-hole punched at top-centre of each card to facilitate book rings (not included)
  • Printed in full sets of each of the 10 BBT sectors

Please be aware that material costs and supply chain issues have made the cost for print products like this volatile. A firm price will be provided for your approval

Click here for information on costs and ordering To order quickly, email Cecily at Blueprint Agencies or call 519-442-1242